1. DON’T Ignore Your Brakes
Note to self: If you notice anything different about your brakes — sound, feel or response — they are telling you to call Lee! Now.

2. DO Tighten Your Gas Cap
Is the Check Engine light on? Then make sure the gas cap is on tightly before calling the shop. No joke, this is one of the most common ways of setting off your car's diagnostic system, since a loose gas cap defeats the fuel system's venting arrangement.

3. Rethinking Oil Changes
Today, advances in engine design and lubricants make oil changes something to be done when the schedule calls for it. Some cars call for 5,000-mile change intervals, some up to 15,000-mile stints. Others have a variable timer. Follow the schedule and use the oil recommended by the manufacturer.

4. Don’t Choke Your Engine with a Dirty Air Filter
Semi-clogged air filters will kill your fuel economy. In Las Vegas, grimy city surface streets are often enough to overwhelm air filters. Since you live in the desert your air filter may need changing twice as often as the manufacturer’s schedule calls for.

5. The New Tune-Up
There are no more "tune-ups" just spark plugs, thanks to modern advances in engine technologies. Valves no longer need adjusting, ignition timing is computer controlled and there are no carburetors to fiddle with. Spark plugs are often good for 100,000 miles, so Lee’s sub-rule is don't change parts just to change parts. Instead, save up for those big 60,000- and 120,000-mile services when the timing belt, spark plug wires and coolant are due for replacement.

6. Don’t Overdose On Octane
Higher-than-required octane does not yield more power or mileage, only oil company profits. Today some engines are rated for premium 91 octane fuel but can burn 87 octane regular, thanks to the magic of knock sensors. In that case, run regular gas if puttering around surface streets, and premium fuel if full-throttle driving is part of your daily repertoire.

7. Replace Those Wipers
Fall is the ideal wiper replacement time: after the blade-baking summer and before the fall and winter nastiness. In Las Vegas and the Southwest, wiper replacement is an annual affair.

8. Proper Tire Inflation and Rotation
Tires leak naturally and need the occasional check. Underinflated tires suck up gasoline. Under- or overinflated tires wear out sooner, and deliver the same emergency maneuver handling as marshmallows. Check tire pressures twice a year.

9. Tire Fatigue
While we’re on tires, they wear out, but they also time out. The tire industry says tires are toast after five years, but it all depends on heat, sunlight and ozone conditions. In Las Vegas that’s a huge factor! If you're not sure how old your tires are, Lee can read the date code stamped into the sidewall.

10. Funny Thing Is … Your Garage Is for Parking
In all likelihood your car is your second most valuable investment. If you're paying all that money, then why are you using your garage for storage? Pitch that junk and get the car in the garage!

AND REMEMBER: We’re just a phone call away.